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Here you will find articles about analytics, mainly web analytics. I write about Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, metrics, reporting and more.

Learn how to configure tools, analyze relevant data, and receive insights to improve your site. Don’t know where to start? See these articles:

How to install Google Analytics on WordPress using a plugin
How to install Google Tag Manager in WordPress
Digital Marketing Metrics: which ones are important?

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What are pageviews in Google Analytics?

Browsing through Google Analytics you will find the metric “pageviews” in most reports. Many businesses still consider this the main metric to watch for on their websites. But is this true? What is a pageview in Google Analytics?

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What are sessions in Google Analytics?

What is a session in Google Analytics? Without knowing what the definition of the term is in Google Analytics, you can draw wrong conclusions. In this post I will discuss what a session is in GA.

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How to install Google Tag Manager in WordPress

This is a practical guide for those who want to install Google Tag Manager in WordPress. I will cover the two main methods of installing GTM on WordPress: (1) using a plugin and (2) editing the site template files. Let’s go!

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Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics

To create a custom report in Google Analytics or Google Data Studio you are free to combine metrics and dimensions freely. But beware! You may be creating an unusable report. In this post I will show you the difference between dimensions and metrics and what to look for when combining them in a report.

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