I created this page so that you can get as much information about how I think and work before you hire me.

Before you hire someone you need to know if that person will solve your problem. Then, what the investment will be. Your concern should be first with time and then with money. It will cost more if you don’t solve your problem than hiring someone who will.

Frequently asked questions:

Actually this question is not often asked but I like to answer it.

The ideal client:

  • Private companies with up to 100 employees related to my expertise (marketing, sales, strategy, finance, BI, design, IT).
  • It relates to me through a decision maker and not through another employee with no decision-making power.
  • You are having digital strategy problems that involve:
    • organic positioning/access;
    • quality or lack of data for decision making in the company;
  • Are you willing to let me (1) decide which symptoms are relevant; (2) accurately diagnose the problem; (3) and suggest the best solutions that can improve your results.
  • It is willing to engage from the beginning and move the necessary resources for the proposed implementations.
  • He is comfortable with the value of my consulting because he knows that not hiring me can become much more expensive than hiring me.
  • It is open to new thoughts and perspectives.

Most of my clients are ideal clients and I am grateful for that. They are smart, fun, and hard working.

I serve companies of all sizes. The consulting approach for a company with 2 employees and one with 50 employees will possibly be different. This is a unique feature of my consulting. It is customized to your needs and available resources.

What clients appreciate most about my consulting is the perspective of someone from the outside on what and how they are doing things. You can expect objective and grounded interventions.

I will often not be the nicest person, being quick and objective in questions and/or answers, never rude. I will never know more about your business than you do, but I will probably know more than any consultant or agency that services your company.

There will be times when you may feel lost, not knowing the options or knowing what decision to make. Being my expertise, I will guide you to the point where you feel comfortable to make decisions with confidence.

All consulting is different. While I am unlikely to adopt a different approach or strategy for each client, there is always some element of my own to take into consideration. My consulting is customized to your business.

Some of my differentials:

  • You will work directly with me and only with me, that is, you will not be transferred to less qualified employees or outsourced labor.
  • I do not charge by the hour, so that you always know in advance what the financial investment of my intervention will be.
  • I use techniques and tools that comply with user compliance and data protection standards. No abusive or technical actions that can generate future damage to the brand’s image.
  • I am very direct and sincere, always polite. I am not the type who will like or share your posts on social networks, except if I think it is really worthwhile for my network.

I am not the right consultant for many companies. It is always good to explore the market and see other consultants and/or agencies in these areas that can help you. But I can assure you, if we form a good partnership we will both reap the results and it will be a lot of fun.

If you mean the website I don’t think so. As the consultancy evolves, there will be improvement points to be worked on, and this is one of the reasons why you have hired the consultancy. If you mean team and processes it makes sense that you tailor your team and your time to receive the consulting feedbacks.

Yes. However, I won’t try too hard to make it happen. It usually requires a lot of time (sometimes travel) that I could be spending on my work and with my clients. I would be happy to talk to you by phone or video conference to further explain my services.

My consultancies are done remotely using communication tools such as e-mail, Slack, telephone, and video conferencing. Face-to-face meetings are possible with advance scheduling (expenses to be borne by the client).

You can see some cases on the website. I don’t give out my clients’ numbers because they represent confidential information and I value confidentiality highly, as do my clients.

If you are asking this question possibly you are not yet convinced that my consulting can help with your problem. Two suggestions: (1) make sure you have identified your company’s problem correctly; (2) read some materials on my website to learn about my expertise and how I work.

Mainly insights and advice focused on transformation (for the better). Don’t expect to receive long reports with countless metrics for tracking or pages of recommendations. My suggestions for improvement are succinct and the reports are very objective.

No. But don’t get me wrong.

My clients do not hire my consulting services to answer their e-mails or phone calls. My consulting involves confidential data. See testimonials on the site or recommendations on social networks if you wish.

Can there be exceptions? Rarely. When it occurs I think it is a fair exchange that you provide me with your references (company and consultants that work/worked for your company) to know if we will have an affinity.

All services are offered for an upfront payment.

Refunds only in some cases (e.g. client made the payment but due to some misfortune we were not able to proceed with the consulting – as long as I have not performed any services yet).

This is important so that I can dedicate my time and resources to provide the best service and also to increase your engagement in consulting.

My smallest available package is the “Stand-alone Service”, done remotely. I do not work by the hour or for smaller packages. That way I can work effectively with my clients.

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