Digital marketing consultancy

This section explains my services.

Eventually I can engage with a customer in a package other than those listed below. If you haven't found a plan that suits your needs, contact


Complete Consulting

  • SEO + Analytics Consulting (from $ 2,500 / month)

Individual Consulting


  • SEO audit ($ 1,000)
  • Google Analytics audit ($ 1.000)
  • GTM audit ($ 1,000)
  • Single service ($ 750)
SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

A good SEO strategy brings with it technical aspects, content and context to make your business more recognized and valuable to your customers.

This holistic approach to SEO is not just about metrics and backlinks. What matters is the increase in brand visibility and the measurable impact on business results.

Analytics Consulting

Data is now the driving force behind almost all business decisions. The data clarifies opportunities and helps brands avoid mistakes.

Getting data is not the problem. The problem is what happens to the data after it is collected. What means? And even if you know what they mean, what do you do with the data collected?

Analytics Consulting

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