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Here you will find articles about metrics, predominantly digital metrics.

Learn which metrics are relevant and how to make the most of the information they provide.

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Analytics Tools: 5 reasons not to use them

We are in a data driven era where much of the decision making is supported by data. To suggest that a website can operate without analytics information seems insane. Is it really? Can a site benefit from not using analytics tools?

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Bounce rate in Google Analytics

What is bounce rate? How is this bounce rate calculated? What is the optimal rate? These and other questions and the importance of tracking this metric will be answered in this article.

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What are pageviews in Google Analytics?

Browsing through Google Analytics you will find the metric “pageviews” in most reports. Many businesses still consider this the main metric to watch for on their websites. But is this true? What is a pageview in Google Analytics?

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What are sessions in Google Analytics?

What is a session in Google Analytics? Without knowing what the definition of the term is in Google Analytics, you can draw wrong conclusions. In this post I will discuss what a session is in GA.

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