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WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Use

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WordPress is an excellent CMS (Content Management System). By itself it is already a feature-rich platform, but by using some WordPress plugins it is possible to add any functionality to your site.

Top Plugins for WordPress

A list about the best WordPress plugins is too complex and extensive to be presented in just one post. In this post, I will bring up some plugins that I use on my sites and on virtually all of my clients’ sites. This list may change from time to time and the plugins are presented in random order.

Let’s go?!

Yoast SEO

If you care about your site’s positioning in search engines (and you should) it is impossible not to think about Yoast’s SEO plugin. It is by far the best SEO plugin on the market, and possibly the most essential plugin you will need on your site.

Yoast’s SEO plugins were developed by a team of SEO experts. Besides being excellent programmers, they have created a complete tool to help editors write better.

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Gravity Forms

An excellent plugin for form creation. With it you will have the option to create forms with conditional logic, create frontend posts, receive payments, and many other features.

If you have any forms on your site I advise using Gravity Forms. Besides being very well developed, its creators offer great support.

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Imagify is a plugin for image optimization. There are several image optimizers out there: Smush, EWWW, Kraken.io, Shortpixel, etc. I have used all of them, and the one that performed the best in optimizing images without overloading the server was Imagify.

With Imagify you can in some cases, depending on the settings used, save up to 90% of the size of the images on your site. Test it out and you will see a significant improvement in your site’s performance.

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Sucuri Scanner and iThemes Security

Speaking of security, if you use the Sucuri Scanner and iThemes Security well configured you can rest assured. The former offers a powerful anti-malware scanner while the latter is a powerful protection tool. If you feel the need, and of course I advise you to use it, also install WP Google Authenticator to create an extra layer of security to your site login.

Visit the Sucuri Scanner website “

Visit the iThemes Security website “


In my humble opinion the best and most complete plugin for backup and migration on the market. With it you can perform local, remote, and real-time backups of your site. Moreover, BackupBuddy’s cloning tool is extremely accurate even for the largest sites or servers with few (shared) resources.

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WP Rocket

Speed, speed, speed. If you want your site to have high performance you need to install this plugin. It is a powerful caching tool with numerous features but quite easy to set up (unlike plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache).

If you do not want to invest in this plugin you can host your site with me. My servers have powerful caching tools that guarantee speed and performance without the use of plugins for this purpose.

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Now help me add to this list. Which plugins do you use and which do you consider essential for a WordPress website?

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