Includes everything that involves content writing and structuring on your website.

3 pillars of content SEO


Keyword search

1º Transcribe your business mission

2nd Make a list of the words you want to rank

3rd Create content for those words

Optimize for words that people don't use in searches does not make sense!


Structure from the website

 • Helps users and search engines understand your site

 • Reduces the risk of internal competition between your content (cannibalization)

Ideal structure

The ideal structure has "long tail" content at the bottom and main terms at the top of the hierarchy.



• What do you want to talk?

• What will be the main message?

• What's the purpose?

• What do you want your audience to do after reading your content?

Write compelling content.

Content Design Tips

• Be easy to read.

The content must:

• Have a title between 50 and 60 characters.

• Have the first paragraph clear and objective.

• Present a maximum of 6 or 7 sentences in each paragraph.

• Have sentences with a maximum of 10 to 15 words.

• Have subtitles. Group paragraphs on the same topic under them.

• Have relevant and optimized images. Use relevant nomenclature, captions and alt tags in the images.